Le bâtiment le plus écologique du monde


L’Université nationale Cheng Kung, à Tainan dans le sud, a le projet de construire le bâtiment le plus écologique du monde.

Des matériaux entièrement naturels seront utilisés pour cette structure énergétiquement économe qui devrait voir le jour en 2010. Il devrait abriter un centre éducatif et un musée de l’Ecologie.

Le projet a pu naître grâce à la générosité de Delta Electronics Fondation, à l’origine d’un don de 100 millions de dollars taiwanais.

Tainan, TAIWAN, Dec. 18, 2008 —The blueprint of the most pioneering green building in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and also probably the first of its kind in the world, namely the Education Center for Subtropical Green Buildings (ECSGB) with an alias as ¡§Green Magic School¡¨, was recently approved by the City Urban Planning Committee of Tainan City in November, 2008, and simultaneously awarded by the Architecture and Building Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior as an ¡§Diamond Level Candidate for Green Building Labeling¡¨. The detailed construction and design layout of this Green Magic School has been also completed on December 17th. Public tender on the construction work of the NCKU ECSGB is expected to be called around January of 2009 with an aim to for completion of all construction work by 2010.

The NCKU Green Magic School, following the example of Noah’s Ark to save the world, has been designed and managed jointly by NCKU Professor Hsien-Te Lin of Architecture Department, and Architect Chao-Yung Shih. They unprecedentedly invited four NCKU faculty members to work on scientific experiments for feasibility of their environmental friendly designs. For example, the building is slated to use ¡§adequate techniques¡¨, instead of ¡§expensive techniques¡¨, to achieve ¡§quadruple benefit¡¨ with the challengeable aims to save 40% energy, to conserve 30% water, to reduce 30% carbon emission as well as for a utilization expectancy of one hundred years.

L’article en anglais sur le site de l’université: Construction of NCKU Green Building Kicked off


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